Is EMPIRE Rain & Senses In Oakville A Good Investment?

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I am a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX in the Greater Toronto Area.

I always get asked by people what type of real estate they should be investing in.

The majority of the people that I talk to are interested in investing in Toronto real estate.

One gentleman that I was speaking to last week was a first time condo buyer in Toronto Canada.

Some people that I speak to are experienced with real estate, while others don’t have too much experience.

The common thread with these people is that they are interested in buying a condo in Toronto Canada, or even a house in The Greater Toronto Area that they would live in or rent out to tenants.

Today I would like to talk to you about:



If you are familiar with the Greater Toronto Area, you know that Oakville is an ‘upscale’ Town located approximately 20 minutes by car west of Toronto.


Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Oakvillle:

“Oakville is a suburban town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Located in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario, it is part of the Greater Toronto Area. As of the 2016 census the population was 193,832.”


“Rain & Senses” is a pre-construction condo being built by EMPIRE, located in The Town of Oakville.

Some say that EMPIRE is the second largest builder in Ontario, Canada by the number of units sold.

EMPIRE would be second of course to Mattamy.  (Read About: Mattamy’s Vita On The Lake Here)


Here is some important information on “Rain & Senses” as well as some of my personal opinions on this new condo project:


EMPIRE: Rain & Senses


  • SUITES AVAILABLE: 1 Bed, 1 Bed + Den, 2Bed, 2 Bed + Den
  • SQUARE FOOTAGE (RANGE) OF AVAILABLE UNITS: 543 square feet to 1250 square feet
  • PRICE (RANGE) OF AVAILABLE UNITS: $329,990 to $739,990
  • EXPOSURES AVAILABLE: North, North/East, East, South/East, South West, West
  • PARKING: One parking space is included in the purchase price (additional parking available for purchase at $30,000 + HST)   (What is HST?)
  • LOCKER: $4,000 + HST
  • CEILING HEIGHT: 9′ Ceilings
  • MAINTENANCE INCLUDES: Gas, Common Element Expenses & Building Insurance (Hydro and Water is separately metered)
  • OCCUPANCY DATE: June 21st 2017 (First Tentative Occupancy Date)
  • DEPOSIT STRUCTURE: 1st Deposit (with Agreement) is $5,000, 2nd Deposit (30 Days From 1st Deposit) is the Balance to 5%, 3rd Deposit (Due On Occupancy) is 5%.  For a total deposit of 10%.


I like this new condo project for a few reasons:


A)  There are limited high rise condo buildings in Oakville.  

The Town of Oakville is very particular with regards to dealing with Builders.  As such, the town has not approved many high rise buildings to be built in The Town itself.  As such, there is in my opinion limited inventory in Oakville when it comes to high rise condo buildings versus some of the neighbouring towns and cities close to Oakville.

And and as we know already, where there is limited supply, and if there is demand for that limited supply, this is what pushes real estate prices up.

“Detached homes in The Town of Oakville went up in value 38.4% year over year from November 2015 to November 2016.”  – Source: RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage

With this type of dramatic increase in value, people are naturally going to gravitate towards lower priced real estate, such as new construction condos.


B) EMPIRE Is Offering a FREEE $10,000 Furniture Package with the purchase of any suite.


Like the saying goes, “All Good Things Come To An End”.

This amazing Free $10,000 Furniture Package Offer will come to an end soon.  It is only for a limited time.

The date in which EMPIRE will no longer be honouring this offer is March 12th 2017.

So if you have any interest in purchasing a unit in this condo project, and if you would like to get this amazing Builder Incentive, you need to act quickly.   You can email me directly at to find out what the next steps are if you want to purchase a unit.

Sometimes builders offer special DISCOUNTS off of the purchase price or what they call,  “builder INCENTIVES”.  These discounts and incentives are made available through VIP Realtors (like myself).


In My Opinion…

In my opinion, the FREE $10,000 Furniture Package that EMPIRE is offering is a very good builder incentive.

EMPIRE is really going above and beyond what other builders offer as their builder incentives, and they are clearly trying to offer something of VALUE to their potential purchasers.

Sometimes builders try to get away with offering potential purchasers with cheap and not too significant incentives.  This is clearly not the case with EMPIRE.  I am impressed with this Incentive that they are offering, and I think more builders should offer great incentives like EMPIRE is demonstrating here.


The Bad News…

Rain & Senses is almost SOLD OUT.

EMPIRE is a great builder, and people want to own real estate built by great builders. Not to mention Oakville.  Oakville is a very desirable Town to Invest in…

You will need to move quickly if you want to purchase a unit in this EMPIRE community AND if you want to receive their FREE $10,000 Furniture Package.


The Good News…

To get this amazing $10,000 Furniture Package, and to reserve a suite to purchase, email me today at

Move quickly though because the real estate market in The Greater Toronto Area is insane.


Happy Investing!








Vita On The Lake By Mattamy


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I hope your are doing well.

Today I would like to talk to you about a condo project that is being built on the Toronto Waterfront.

The name of this project is, “Vita On The Lake”.

The builder for this project is Mattamy.

If you are from The Greater Toronto Area, you know exactly who Mattamy is.

Some say that Mattamy is the biggest builder in terms of volume of units sold.

Is this true?


I have not fact checked this, but I would not be surprised at all if they were the biggest builder.

Mattamy is HUGE.

When I actually think of this more, I ask myself…”Who is bigger than Mattamy in the Greater Toronto Area?”

I can’t think of any other builder…


Investing In Toronto Real Estate


A lot of people that I talk to are interested in buying a condo in Toronto for investment.  It is a relevant conversation that I have with people since I am a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX.

Some people that I talk to are experienced investors while others are new to this and they are looking to purchase their first rental property.

Then of course, there are people that I talk to who are interested in buying a condo in Toronto Canada for their primary use.  (To live in).


Vita On The Lake

What is Vita On The Lake?

Vita On The Lake is a project that Mattamy is building that I love.  I love this project for 3 main reasons.


A) Location

The building itself is being constructed on the Toronto Waterfront.  Units in the building have FULL and PARTIAL views of Lake Ontario.

Some of the smaller units don’t have views, and of course if your units does not face the Lake you will not have a view.

However, some of the views from this building are breathtaking.

As such, this pre-construction condo project has been extremely popular with both condo investors and people looking to buy a unit there to live.


B) The Builder

The second reason why I love this project so much is because of the builder… Mattamy.  Again if you are from The Greater Toronto Area, you know exactly who Mattamy is.  You also probably know at lease one person who has purchased a Mattamy home, Or you will know a ‘friend of a friend’ who has bought a Mattamy home.  That is how BIG they are.

Since they are a BIG builder, they know what they are doing when it comes to all aspects of new construction condos.

I find their customer service level to be very high, and they produce an excellent finished product.


C) Discount Off of Purchase Price

Good builders (Like Mattamy) always have great incentives for their purchasers.  The Incentives that they offer are often made available to the public through VIP Agents (like myself).

On this project, Vita On The Lake, Mattamy is offering 2 to 3 years of free maintenance, on select units, which equates to a discount off of the purchase price of between $10,000 to $20,000!!

This is a big deal, as Mattamy does not normally offer discounts on the purchase price of their homes and condo units.

They don’t need to because their inventory of new condos and homes always sells like…




So to actually get a discount off the the purchase price is an amazing deal that Mattamy is offering.

Again, VIP Agents (like myself) have access to these incredible discounts through the builders.  (If you want more info on this.. send me an email)


Is Vita On The Lake A Good Investment


For years, people have been asking me about real estate.  Questions that I get are:

  • Where should I invest?
  • What is a good investment?
  • Should I buy a condo or a house?
  • How much will my property go up from the time I purchase it to the time I sell it?


And the questions go on and on…


You might have similar questions with Vita On The Lake.  I get it.  People love real estate.  They want to buy something, and they want it to go up a huge amount (in value).

Well here is the deal… properties in the area that Vita On The Lake is located have been going up in value already due to the HOT Toronto Real Estate Market.

Let’s look at a few things…


  • A) The project is located on the waterfront of a major International City. (Toronto)


  • B) The City (Toronto) experiences approximately 100,000 people moving into this region every year.


  • C) Canada has it’s doors open to Immigrants.  Many of the immigrants settle in the Province of Ontario, and specifically within the Greater Toronto Area. A lot of these immigrants come with a lot of money to invest.


  • D) Some projections have been made by the Provincial Government in Ontario, that 4 MILLION more people will be moving to the Greater Toronto Area  / Golden Horseshoe Area / Southern Ontario over the next 25 years !!!


  • E)  Oh yeah… and I forgot to add the following… Ontario is running out of land to build on.  There is a lot of protected land in Ontario, called “The Green Belt”, which is restricted.  Builders cannot build on this land. As such, builders are no longer building OUT, as they once used to (by building sub-divisions of homes). They are now building UP, and have been doing this for a number of years.


To put it in simple terms, it comes down to supply and demand.

If you know even a little bit about Economics, you know that…

If supply is low, and there is demand.  Then prices go up…


The story of the Greater Toronto area, and in particular, Toronto is that there is not enough supply (of housing) to match the demand (the number of people moving into the region).


So to answer my initial questions


Is Vita On The Lake a good investment?


My answer to this is:

“Yes, Vita On The Lake is a GREAT investment”

In what other international city with BOOMING real estate market can you buy a condo on the Waterfront, with Lake or Ocean views for under $700/square foot?


The long story short is that if you are looking to buy a condo in Toronto to live in or for investment (to rent out), and if you want to be on the Toronto Waterfront…

Vita On The Lake is where you need to buy.

But here is the catch… you have to move quickly.  There are a lot of smart people in Toronto (when it comes to investment) and they have been buying already in this building.

If you don’t take action soon, this building will be sold out.

If you are interested in buying a unit, email me directly at and then I will let you know what the next steps are.

Happy Investing!


ps: Here are some pictures of Vita On The Lake By Mattamy…











New Report Says Toronto’s Housing The Least Affordable In Canada

Hi There,

A new report has just been released by The Royal Bank of Canada (a.k.a. “RBC”)

In this report, RBC states that “Toronto’s housing market is the least affordable in Canada.”

RBC, Canada’s #1 Bank is a reputable source. This leads me to believe that this report is accurate.

Having said this, it is always important to do your own due diligence and always ‘question’ the information that is presented to you by the media.

I just showed a client of mine a 3 bedroom, detached home in one of the most high demand and up and coming areas of the City.

This home just sold for $685,000. (Canadian Dollars)

Opportunities still exist for people to buy detached homes at reasonable prices in Toronto.

You just need to know where to look for these opportunities.

If you are a real estate investor looking to purchase your first rental property, you should also seriously consider condos in Toronto.

Generally speaking, condos are a more affordable investment as the price levels are still lower than detached homes.

Where every you end up investing, make sure that you don’t waste any time.

The best time to buy real estate was always yesterday

Happy Investing!


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Toronto’s Real Estate Boom: A Chinese Perspective

Hi There,

While Canadians complain about the inflated real estate prices in Toronto, try buying a home in Shanghai.

There, a shabby 400 square foot condo goes for $1.6 million.  You need parking?  No problem!  It can be yours for an extra $60,000.

The real estate market is so hot in one of China’s richest cities, the average price for new homes has risen by 30% in the first 3 quarters of 2016.

In Beijing and Shenzhen, the real estate market has increased so much that it has made these cities two of the most expensive in the world to buy a home.

The government in Shanghai has tried to make it harder for existing property owners to purchase another property.

They have also tried to slow the market by increasing downpayment requirements.

For many Chinese, buying a house overseas is seen as a crucial investment in the next generation.  

Canada is on the list of preferred countries to invest in for the Chinese.  In fact, Canada ranks as #3, behind The United States and Australia.

Although Canada implemented a 15% tax for foreigners buying real estate in the Metro-Vancouver Area, some experts predict that this will have no long term impact on the marketplace.

Since property is the preferred asset class for Chinese people, many observers forget that only 15% of Chinese invest in the stock market.

With the Chinese as the fastest growing segment of global property buyers, this means that many of them will be investing in Toronto real estate.

Many of them will be buying a condo in Toronto for investment.

If you are a real estate investor, or someone who is looking to buy a home to live in, you should do what the Chinese are doing and buy a condo in Toronto Canada.

It does not matter if you are a first time condo buyer in Toronto Canada.  They City of Toronto is forecasted to continue to grow in population.

As the City’s populations grows, so will the demand for the real estate.

Toronto recently overtook Vancouver as the top city in Canada for Chinese buyers, according to the website Juwai.

Buying a condo in Toronto Canada is simply a smart investment.

Who knows… maybe one day a 400 square foot condo in Toronto will be worth $1.6 million just like in Shanghai.

Happy Investing!


Source:  Canada’s Real Estate Boom: A Chinese Perspective

2017 Toronto Real Estate Market Outlook

Hi There,

Lots of people have been asking me what I think is going to happen to the Toronto Real Estate Market in 2017.

If you have read some of my other blog posts, you know that I think investing in Toronto real estate  is a great idea, especially buying a condo in Toronto for investment.

If you are a first time condo buyer in Toronto, Canada or a veteran real estate investor looking to buy a condo in Toronto, Canada, I have a PODCAST that you need to listen to.

In this PODCAST I discuss what the real estate market in Toronto will look like in 2017.  I also talk about how buying a condo in Toronto Canada is an excellent move to make.

For my personal outlook on the Toronto Real Estate Market in 2017, and how you can profit from investing in this market, listen to my PODCAST called  ———->  2017 TORONTO REAL ESTATE MARKET OUTLOOK


Happy Investing!



How To Make A 26.1% Return Investing In Real Estate In One Year

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I hope you are doing well.

In today’s blog post, I am going to walk you through how you can make a 26.1% return on your money investing in real estate.

I recently recorded a PODCAST called, 3 Reasons Why Buying A Rental Property Is Better Than Investing In The Stock Market.

In this PODCAST, I talked about 3 ways in which you can make a ‘return’ buying and holding real estate.

These 3 ways were:

Cash Flow

Mortgage Paydown

Property Appreciation

To illustrate to you how you can make this type of return on your capital, I am going to take the same example I spoke about in the PODCAST.

Let’s assume that you are a new real estate investor and you are interested in buying your first rental property.

You purchase a property for $450,000.

Let’s assume that you are purchasing a property in the Toronto or Greater Toronto Area real estate market.

As such, you provide a 20% downpayment to purchase the home, which equals ($450,000 * 20% = $90,000)

Therefore your downpayment is $90,000.  Don’t forget this number.  We will re-visit it later…

The property produces a $500/month net cash flow. (This is on the high side for Toronto, but I am using easy math to help illustrate this example)

You annualize your cash flow by multiplying $500 by 12 months.  This gives you ($500 * 12 = $6,000)

Therefore, you have $6,000 annual cash flow from the property.

Since you have provided a $90,000 downpayment, and the purchase price of the home was $450,000, this leaves you with a $360,000 mortgage.  ($450,000 – $90,000 = $360,000)

Now let’s assume that you obtain a first mortgage in the amount of $360,000 at a 2.5% interest rate and amortized over 30 years. (What is Mortgage Amortization)

Using a mortgage calculator, we can figure out that your monthly mortgage payment would be $1,422/month.

Now here is where we use some creative math.  Let’s assume that 50% of your monthly mortgage payment of $1,422 is principal, and 50% of the payment is interest.

If you use a mortgage calculator for this, you will see that the breakdown is not actually fifty-fifty.  However, I am using 50% just to make the math easy.

As such, 50% of $1,422 is $711.

This means that the mortgage amount of $360,000 is paid down by $711 each month.

We want to know how much the mortgage is paid down annually (or at least in the first year), so we take $711 and multiply it by 12 months, which gives us $8,532.  This number is also important.  We are going to re-visit it shortly.

If the property that you purchased for $450,000 appreciates at 2%, that would mean that the property would go up in value by $9,000 in the first year.  We get this number by taking $450,000 and multiplying it by 2%.

I am using 2% as an extremely conservative figure.  The real estate market in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area has far surpassed this figure over the past several years.   

So now we take our return on our capital from year one.

We have $6,000 annual cash flow

We have $8,532 annual mortgage pay down

And we have $9,000 property appreciation in year one.

Now we add up all of these numbers…

$6,000 + $8,352 + $9,000

This equals…


We now take this amount (the total amount you have made in year one), and divide it by your initial investment of $90,000. Which gives us…

$23,532 / $90,000 = 26.1%

So as you can see from the math above, you can make a 26.1% return on your investment (in year one) by investing in real estate.


Happy Investing!




3 Reasons Why Buying A Rental Property Is Better Than Investing In The Stock Market

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I hope you are doing well.

Many people believe that the best place to invest their money is in the stock market.

I disagree.

Investing in real estate, and buying a rental property allows you to obtain a much better Return on Investment.

If you are someone who is looking to buy their first rental property, please take a moment and listen to my PODCAST.

In the PODCAST I talk about how you can benefit from:

A) Cash Flow

B) Mortgage Pay down, and;

C) Appreciation.  

I named the PODCAST:

3 Reasons Why Buying A Rental Property Is Better Than Investing In The Stock Market.

In the PODCAST I talk about the Toronto real estate market and Toronto Condos as well.  Having said that, this investment approach can apply to any City that is suitable to invest in.

You can listen to it by clicking on the play button below:

I hope you enjoy the PODCAST.  It is worth listening to!

Happy Investing!


3 Reasons Why Buying A Condo In Toronto Is The Worst Investment You Will Ever Make


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I hope you are doing well.

If you are a new real estate investor looking to buy your first rental property, it is crucial that you make smart financial decisions as you navigate the Toronto real estate market.

It is important for you to know that buying a condo in Toronto can be a REALLY bad investment.

It can be a terrible investment if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you forget to do 3 major things…

To find out the 3 reasons why buying a condo in Toronto is the worst investment you will ever make, you can listen to my PODCAST, by pressing on the “play” button below.

Happy Investing!




How To Find A Tenant For Your Toronto Condo


Hi There,

I hope you are doing well.

If you are a new real estate investor looking to buy your first rental property, there are 2 things I would recommend to you:

A) Consider purchasing a condo in Toronto.


You can listen to this PODCAST by clicking on the “Play Button” below:


The reality is that Toronto condos are a property type in which new and experienced investors are placing their money.

The Toronto real estate market is a great place to invest.

I have personally invested here, and plan to continue investing in the City of Toronto.

I hope you enjoy the PODCAST.

Happy Investing!


3 Reasons Why Investing In Toronto Condos Will Make You Rich


Hi There,

I hope you are doing well.

I always get asked by new real estate investors where they should buy their first rental property.

There are many cities and countries you can potentially invest in.

My favourite city to invest in is Toronto.

Here is why:


A)  Lack of Supply

If you are not familiar with what is going on with the Toronto real estate market recently, let me tell you.

Prices of properties have been going up at record levels.  This is especially true of “detached homes” both in the City of Toronto, and in the Greater Toronto Area.

Due to the fact that prices are going up with Detached homes, this is now having an effect on the prices of condos in Toronto.

Fewer people can afford the price of detached homes now, so more people are gravitating toward condos.

The lack of supply with detached homes, will cause condos to increase in price as well.  There will be more and more people looking to buy condos in Toronto as the real estate market continues to rise.

Which means that a condo that you buy today will be worth more in the future.


B) People Are Coming

If you don’t know this, let me tell you.

People are coming from all around the world to live in Toronto, and the surrounding areas of Toronto.

Toronto is a beautiful and vibrant multi-cultural city.

As more people continue to come to the Toronto area, this will cause there to be more demand on the housing in Toronto.

With more demand, come increasing prices.

Which again means that if you buy a condo today, it will be worth more in the future.


C)  Toronto Has Jobs

Toronto is the financial “capital” of Canada.

Major banks, Insurance Companies, and Hospitals are big time employers in Toronto.

Not to mention, start up companies, and marketing firms…

Anyone that is familiar with Toronto knows that people commute from all over Ontario to come into Toronto to work.

People drive or take the train to enter the city.

Due the fact that there are so many jobs in Toronto, and that people travel into Toronto to work, this proves to be favourable for the real estate market.

Often people want to ‘ditch’ the commute, and live closer to their jobs.  Especially younger generations.

Lots of people don’t like spending so much time in the car, and want to have more free time.

This is the reason why people move into Toronto, to be closer to their jobs.

This in turn, increases demand for Toronto real estate, as more and more people want to live in the City.

Once again, with increased demand, prices of condos will be going up in price.

Which means that a condo that you buy today, will be worth more in the future.


What Do You Do Now?

We know that people are coming to Toronto, and there is a lack of supply of housing.

We know that this is going to cause condos in the City to rise in price.

So what do you do with this information?

You can:

a) Do nothing about it.

b) Buy a Toronto condo as your first rental property.

The choice is yours.

I know what I would do………….


Happy Investing!