BiggerPockets Just Got Bigger

Posted by neil on March 26, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy to share with you some good news.

Fellow Real Estate Investor and Blogger, Julie Broad of Rev N You is now a regular contributor on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Blog.

Her introductory article called, The Great Canadian Real Estate Opportunity is a must read for any aspiring real estate investor.

If you are an aspiring real estate investor, I highly recommend that you keep up to date with Julie’s articles on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Blog.

Here are the reasons why you should do this:


Julie is an experienced Canadian real estate investor. By following her articles and her comments, you will be able to gain an insight into the Canadian real estate market.  If you are looking to buy a property in Canada as your first rental property, pay close attention to what she has to say regarding Canada.


In her article series, she will be commenting on certain States in the US where Canadians are buying real estate. If you are an American real estate investor, this will give you an insight into where Canadians are purchasing property.


Julie is a well respected real estate blogger and investor. She presents the facts and is well intentioned. It is helpful to learn from people like this, because they are always willing to share their knowledge.


Separate from her articles on the BiggerPockets Blog, she has 31 Free Real Estate Investing Videos that you can benefit from.  I have watched a number of these videos.  I think that the videos are very helpful to aspiring real estate investors looking to buy their first rental property.


Finally, I believe that Julie is the best Canadian representative that we can have representing fellow Canadian Real Estate Investors and Bloggers on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Blog.

There you have it. Julie Broad has made the ‘big time’ on BiggerPockets. Keep up to date with her article series and you will learn a lot!

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